Dire maul east solo

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Dire maul east solo

Built twelve thousand years ago by a covert sect of Highborne sorcerers, the ancient city of Eldre'Thalas was used to protect Queen Azshara's most prized arcane secrets. Though it was ravaged by the Great Sundering of the world, much of the wondrous city still stands as the imposing Dire Maul.

The ruins' three distinct districts have been overrun by all manner of creatures — especially the spectral Highborne, foul satyr and brutish ogres. Only the most daring party of adventurers can enter this broken city and face the ancient evils locked within its ancient vaults. Completing a Tribute run would award extra, more powerful loot, at the chest that appears after defeating King Gordok.

If you are interested in defeating the bosses that drop this loot, you are in the right place. As a reward for sparing the lives of the other instance bosses, the characters receive higher quality, though fewer, rare drops from a tribute chest. Dire Maul contains three wings in two instances. It was one of Blizzard's first divergent dungeons in which alternate paths--such as skipping bosses--were encouraged. Discover without further delay the complete list of encounters considered important in this instance!

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Join the WowIsClassic community and share this guide with all your friends! Create a free account in 1 minute and benefit from the following advantages:. Copy link. Best loot in Dire Maul If you are interested in defeating the bosses that drop this loot, you are in the right place. Check out the pictures below. Follow the yellow mark to get in. Dire Maul : Bosses location Dire Maul contains three wings in two instances. Share this guide with your friends! Navigation 1. Dire Maul Introduction 2.

Quest list for Dire Maul 3. Best loot in Dire Maul 4. Dungeon Entrance 5.Forgot your password? Dire Maul is split into three wings, with all of them being recommended for players above Level The East wing of Dire Maul is full of satyrs and demons that have warped the natural inhabitants of the zone at the behest of their leader, Alzzin the Wildshaper.

Make sure to get all the quests related to Dire Maul East before going in. To make this process easier, we have written a separate guide. Watch this short video, by Bue to understand how to proceed from there.

Dire Maul North/West Crescent Key Guide for WoW Classic

The quickest way to reset a dungeon in WoW Classic, for speed farming, is to convert the group to a raid, invite someone from outside the party and have them be the leader, so they can reset the dungeon while everyone who was inside is logged off of their characters otherwise you will simply get an error and the dungeon will not be reset. Once reset, people who log back in to their characters will find themselves back at the entrance!

Dire Maul East is non-linear and there are several paths you can take, depending on what your goal is. If you want to get Crescent Key from Pusillinmake sure to talk to him at the very start of the dungeon, by taking a quick left turn.

Classic WoW - Dire Maul

As he will run and keep running whenever you talk to him after thatjust carefully pull the enemies on your way to wherever he ran to, until you fight him after going up a small ramp.

You can quickly exit the dungeon from this point to turn Pusillin and the Elder Azj'Tordinif you wish. By going back up the ramp you came from and entering the room you skipped while chasing Pusillinyou will find yourself in a new room with a ramp leading upwards, to Lethtendris. Take her down, if you wish, and go down through a tunnel near the bottom of the ramp, which leads to Hydrospawn in the pool of water to your left in the new room, and to Zevrim Thornhoof if you head into the tunnel you can reach by only moving forward when you enter the room.

Kill them both, and drop down into the pool area, where you can finally exit the room by taking a tunnel into a large, open area, with Ironbark the Redeemed who is Old Ironbark instead, if you haven't killed Zevrim yet in the middle. At this point, if you killed Zevrim Thornhoofyou can ask Ironbark the Redeemed to open the door to the final boss for you. Simply head through, and move down carefully on top of the ledge surrounding the boss area, to avoid pulling any extra trash.

At the bottom of it you will have plenty of space to pull all of the small plant packs around the boss, to avoid having them aggro later in the fight, and to finish off the boss, at which point you can exit the dungeon quickly through the tunnel he opens during the fight, which contains huge Mining goodies!

How To Get The Key For Dire Maul Solo?

The main thing to take into account in this dungeon are the stealthed Wildspawn Satyrwhich can often catch your group at a bad time, so make sure to pull carefully. Whip Lasher s are notoriously easy enemies to kill, even for a solo or under leveled player, and they can grant decent gold and experience over a long farming period.

A lot of the Tree enemies later on can heal themselves and their allies so make sure to have your interrupts and crowd control abilities ready! Finally, remember that trash can respawn in this dungeon, and there is a lot of ground to cover, so make sure to keep a good pulling pace. Jump Runs are great for quickly killing Dire Maul bosses. This allows a coordinated group to quickly farm librams and books, which a lot of classes need for their best in slot enchants and trinkets, and for Quel'Serrar.Didn't find the answer you were looking for?

Ask a Question. Anonymous answered. The instance is divided into three wings, and all but the Eastern wing require a key to enter. Conveniently, the key can be obtained in the Eastern wing. Getting the key involves repeatedly talking to the imp Pusillin, following him around the instance and talking to him again each time he stops. Eventually the imp becomes hostile, and summons some minions, and the player must kill him to be able to loot the key from his corpse.

Pusillin starts off just inside the door from the central chamber.

dire maul east solo

Each time you talk to him he will run off and stop somewhere, a little further on. Often at these stopped positions he will be close to hostile NPCs.

You will need to fight them and kill them before being able to talk to Pusillin safely. A solo player will not be able to do this. Classes with aggro-dump abilities such as rogue or hunter may be able to get away with Vanishing or Feigning Death after hurriedly talking to Pusillin. A player of any other class will just have to die and re-enter the instance.

Eventually Pusillin ascends a ramp to a small chamber. When you talk to him there, he becomes hostile, and summons some little imps.

dire maul east solo

If you position yourself carefully, you can fight and kill the small imps before having to fight Pusillin.

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dire maul east solo

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